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Karmasphere Big Data Analytics for Hadoop

Karmasphere is designed for teams of analysts to explore and analyze Big Data on Hadoop, and to discover business insights about their customers that can be applied to all points of customer engagement.

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Accenture, Knowledgent, Think Big Analytics, Third Eye, Impetus and Orzota

About Karmasphere:

Bringing Expertise, Insights and Speed to Big Data Analytics

Karmasphere empowers the New Customer Analytics, providing deep insights on Big Data to optimize every customer touch point. Using personalized workspaces and self-service templates, analytics are rapidly assembled, customized and shared across business teams. With Karmasphere’s full-fidelity support for Hadoop, data is never abstracted or replicated, maintaining the richness, agility and low cost of ownership needed for innovation and competitive advantage in the era of Big Data.